Wednesday, June 20, 2007

OB visit

Today was my second OB office visit. I chose my OB (recommended by Chris) because he is a Christian and I wanted my new OB to not give me grief about getting a zillion genetic tests. The chances of having a child with RTS are very, very slim, and the chances of having a second child with RTS are exceptionally slim (the only known cases of siblings with the syndrome are where one of the parents also has the syndrome...and neither Tom nor I have it). BTW, I would have kept the OB I had for Lukas and Natalie, except I changed hospitals to be at the same one that Tom, Lukas and Natalie go to, so that necessitated getting all new doctors.

My OB is apparently in great demand...everyone calls him "the best." So he has organized his practice to maximize his time. At 8 weeks I had to go to a group visit with other newly pregnant moms to go over forms and answer the wives tales going around about pregnancy: yes, you can color your hair; no, you shouldn't sit in a hot tub...not the kind of questions an "in demand" doctor wants to waste his time with.

The first office visit a month ago was with a nurse practitioner, and today's visit was supposed to be with the doctor himself. But when I arrived I learned that the doctor was delivering (something moms hope they hear on the day they go into first OB was not on duty for either Lukas or Natalie), so I saw a nurse again. No problem...I just had my blood pressure checked (120/66), weight checked (fine) and baby's heart rate checked (166). I was in and out in just over 5 minutes (after I waited 40 minutes because they were backed up from the doctor not being there).

The nurse asked me several times if I had any questions or concerns. I commented to her that I had just been thinking in the past few days that I'm not reading the pregnancy books "to find out" what's happening with the baby every week, or what I should anticipate happening to my body...the baby is going to grow, I'm going to get very large, and then the baby comes out. That's what happens! My prayer with this pregnancy is to have a healthy baby and to only gain the normal amount of weight. She agreed that moms get more and more laissez-faire with subsequent pregnancies. Yep, it's old hat by this time!

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