Sunday, June 3, 2007


Today concluded Tom's birthday weekend. I made a special breakfast this morning: french toast (his favorite) made from an apple streudel bread, bacon, eggs with extra sharp cheese, and fresh pineapple and papaya.

Unfortunately, the kids had a little runny nose left, so Tom stayed home from church with them. I used the opportunity after church to go to our favorite bakery, Herb's Black Forest Bakery, for some chocolate eclairs, Tom's favorite dessert after vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Herb's did our wedding cake almost six years ago, and it's the only place that I've found decent chocolate eclairs. Unfortunately, they were closed!

As I was leaving, I saw the Claim Jumper Restaurant and knew I could get a decent dessert there, so I stopped in. They have an "I'Declair" dessert that is quite large for our family but fit the occasion. After I told her I wanted it to go, she said that for to go orders, it comes unassembled. So I took the "kit" home, and here are before and after pictures.

I have to say that it was yummy, but the chocolate fudge was cloyingly sweet. I couldn't finish the chocolate...which I have never had to say before. The kids loved the fudge...somehow it wasn't too sweet for them! But the whole family agreed the dessert was spectacular.

Enough sugar! Enough birthday celebration!

Now I have to get ready for Father's Day.

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