Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Happy 18 Months!

Natalie is 18 months old today...yeah Natalie! It worked out that we could get a pediatric appointment for her 18 month check up booked for today, but we ended up going yesterday. Here's why...

Sunday afternoon we were playing in the backyard and Natalie fell forward into the grass. The grass poked her face and she actually had a pinprick of blood on her cheek from it. Of course, crying ensued, but after she calmed down she was fine. Thirty minutes later, it looked like she had a rash on her face, but we just assumed it was from the grass.

Monday morning, I pointed out the rash on her face to the physical therapist so she wouldn't be concerned. Five minutes later she asked me how long she'd had the rash on her chest! I hadn't noticed it! We both thought it was probably roseola because she'd had an on-an-off fever last week. When the rash appears, she's no longer contagious, so I wasn't worried about anything. However, I called the pediatrician to get an appointment yesterday to get a firm diagnosis before the rash went away (more tomorrow about why we needed a firm diagnosis). The pediatrician agreed that it was roseola, and the rash probably started on her face on Sunday. Since we were in the office, Natalie had her 18 month check up yesterday, so thankfully we didn't have to go back today. Although she still has a rash on her chest, she's doing much better today...her appetite is returning.

After Bible study today we went to a nearby park, and at first I thought she was sick again...crying, not interested in eating like she normally is. But then I realized it was because we were at the park and she wasn't swinging! When I put her in the swing, she was fine and happy, and had a happy mood the rest of the day. I need to remember to explain that after Bible study we eat first and then play (usually when we go to the park, it's earlier in the day and we play before eating).

We got home just before 2 p.m. and we all slept until 4 p.m.! Good thing we didn't have a doctor's appointment this afternoon!

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