Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day Part I

Saturday morning we went to the beach for a few hours. It was overcast when we got there, but Lukas still wanted to dance in the waves (I had forgotten his swimming trunks) so we took off his shorts and shirt and he played in his underwear. He loves to scream at the waves and throw sand and shells in the water. Natalie had fun playing in the sand, and Tom worked to keep her from chewing on seashells.

There were several fishermen lined up near us, fishing inside the breaking waves. I was waiting for a surfer to get tangled in a fishing line, but it never happened. We saw the fishermen catch lots of fish, including one who, I think, caught a small flat shark. The fishermen all use those large laundry detergent tubs to put their fish in, and when the guy caught the shark, it was funny to see him trying to stuff it in his tub...but he did decide he'd caught enough after that!

After lunch I rode with Brandy to Sarah's baby shower. It was a beautiful shower and I had a great time talking to the ladies without any kids to keep track of.

Tom picked me up at the shower and we went to Sheri's surprise 50th birthday party. Karl did a great job pulling it off, and lo and behold, she was surprised! We're used to our kids being the only kids with that crowd, but it was fun for Lukas that another family with kids came, so he got to run around with 5 year old Joseph. He favorite thing was to run back and forth between the wind chimes, providing our live background music. Natalie had fun being passed around to everyone who wanted to hold her, especially the birthday girl.

We got home after 9 p.m. That was a very long day!

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