Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Part II

Since we got home so late last night, Tom and I decided that we would let the kids sleep in as long as they would. Unfortunately, Lukas only slept in until about 7:30. Lukas helped me make waffles for the Father's Day breakfast, and we had bacon and eggs and cantaloupe and peaches. [Ok, I was sure that was spelled canteloupe, but the spell check says it's spelled cantaloupe, so I guess the computer is long have I been spelling it incorrectly?] Tom got a new briefcase from the kids.

Lukas was not on his best behavior at church, somewhat because of the late night last night. Lukas had been wanting to take Tom to a park near church...every week after church, as we are on our way to a fast food restaurant, he says, "Daddy, I want to take you to Box Canyon Park and show it to you." Well, today we packed a lunch and went to the park after church. We were the only ones there...very odd, but I guess everyone else had decided that it was too hot for an inland park and they were at the beach. Natalie had a great time swinging and Lukas showed Tom the intricacies of the fort play area.

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