Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here it is!

I was talking to Tom on the phone this afternoon and remembered Lukas had asked me a question I didn't know, so I passed the phone to Lukas so he could ask Tom.

"What is that big valve for?" Lukas had been playing with a large metal object that had been on our desk and is now in a box waiting for the new desk to be assembled. He asked me what it was, and I said it was a valve. He asked me what it was for and I said to ask Daddy.

Tom said, "What valve?" Lukas: "The one in the green room. I'll go show it to you. I'm going to get it. Here it is! See, what is this for?"

Lukas has no idea that the telephone is not a video conference. He does this a lot when talking to his grandparents...they ask him what he's doing and he says, "I'm playing with this." I have to pipe in and tell them what "this" is.

Turns out the thing I thought was a valve is actually an actuator for a missile (Tom used to work for an aerospace company). Lukas: "What's a missile?" Tom promised to find a video of a missile on YouTube so Lukas can learn what a missile is...or he could just wait for the Fourth of July. :)

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