Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Natalie has glasses!

When we came home from VBS today there was a message that her glasses were finally in, so we picked them up on the way to CHOC therapy.

She took them off in the car, so I waited until we got to CHOC to put them on again, and after being told about four times to not take them off, she left them on through her whole therapy session. She was cranky at the end of therapy so I took them off...little did I know that it might not have been the reason for her crankiness.

After CHOC, we went to Tom's parents for dinner (this has been a very busy day!) and she wore the glasses again for about 10 minutes...here's a pic we took there...her next pics with glasses will hopefully have better lighting.

She was pretty cranking and clingy the whole time, and when we got home I checked her temperature and she has a 104 degree fever. Looks like Tom gets to stay home with her tomorrow while Lukas and I go to VBS, and then he can work a half day in the afternoon when we get home. Poor girl!

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