Tuesday, June 26, 2007

VBS Day 2

Here's a group shot of everyone at Vacation Bible School, in front of the church. Natalie is in the very back with the back of her head showing. Lukas is in the front right, showing the camera a profile. Although my camera was used after at least three other cameras (so the kids were tired of posing), his actions are typical of what I observed of him during the day when I wasn't busy with my responsibilities: getting out of the line the kids were in to walk to class. During music class (my class!) he was up and down on the stage while everyone else was sitting still, and I always heard, "Lukas...Lukas!" in the distance, with me imagining that he was running off to do something else outside his class.

Sitting still and following directions are definitely something we're working on! His teacher said he did a lot better today, and I commented to his other teacher that getting the kids to each class seemed a lot like herding cats. I was happy that he memorized his memory verse for today (not sure about tomorrow's verse because we've had a busy day), and he is definitely enjoying himself. Once again, I didn't have a chance to get pictures of the teaching portions (hopefully tomorrow), but here's another fun one of snack time.

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