Wednesday, June 27, 2007

VBS Day 3

Natalie didn't have therapy this morning (whew!) so that made getting ready for VBS easier. She didn't have a temperature first thing in the morning, but Tom still stayed home with her...good decision, because he said she had a high temp later in the morning.

Music class is going well...the kids are learning the songs they're going to perform on Sunday pretty well, and a couple have commented that they enjoy it. The worst behaved one is Lukas...he ran around the stage while everyone else stood still, even with multiple admonishings. We discussed it this afternoon and he knows there will be consequences for that behavior if he repeats it. While I was teaching another class, he came in with another mom, asking for just a hug...well, then he decided he wanted to snuggle with me, which means several minutes. I hugged him, but then she had to drag him away. I was able to go around with his class after I was done with my classes, since Natalie didn't come today.

Here he is making eyes with his grapes during snacktime with James (no, that's not peanut butter, it's sunflower seed butter). Then he's gluing his scroll project with help from Chas, and finally he's cutting things out of a magazine to represent all the blessings God gives us (after I took this pic, I helped him with the scissors...his only experience with scissors is handing them to me..."they're dangerous!")

Tom met us at the church at noon with Natalie, we switched cars and he went to work and we went home...and no therapy in the afternoon today (whew!) Natalie was cranky all afternoon, and she appears to have an ear infection (I'm not as experienced diagnosing her ear infections with my otoscope as I am with Lukas'). There might be a trip to the pediatrician in our future tomorrow.

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