Thursday, June 28, 2007

VBS Day 4

This morning at home and on the way to church, Lukas and I went over the consequences for him behaving as he did yesterday in music class...about 10 times. Yes, he pretty much stayed in one place on the stage and stayed still (for Lukas). We'll discuss it again tomorrow and Sunday to make sure he understands that he has to control his behavior.

His teacher also said he did better at paying attention to her (which we also discussed at length yesterday and today before class)...hopefully tomorrow will be a piece of cake. The kids got to jump in a bounce house during their outdoor activity time, and Lukas loved that (I couldn't watch because I was either teaching music or in the nursery). Here's a pic of Lukas doing today's craft: making a coaster with a cross on it.

And here's Miss Natalie debuting her glasses...she got many positive comments about how cute she looks. I think she looks cute, but I'm biased to think she looks cuter without glasses...but I'm so glad she can see now. She didn't try to take them off at all today! If the lenses look a little shaded, it's because they are Transitions Lenses that turn dark in the sun. Inside, they are quite clear, so I'm happy about that.

People keep asking if she acts differently, and I think there are subtle changes...she can see people's expressions and actions at a distance, so she's watching things further away. She has sat still for videos a lot better than before glasses, so I know she's seeing well. This afternoon on the swing, she vocalized more than she has in a addition to having the motivation to move to things she sees far away, I was hoping that being able to see would also help her speech. We shall see!

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