Saturday, June 30, 2007

VBS Day 5

Whew! It's finally over! That was an exhausting day and week, but very rewarding. The kids' activity during recreation was water play, and as you can see, Lukas and Matty got very wet. After Lukas had changed clothes, here he is making eyes with the grapes again, and working on his craft.

Since Tom had the day off, it was wonderful that he could come and see what Lukas and Natalie were doing. He tried to go around in Lukas' class, but it became more of a distraction for Lukas. After a hot dog lunch, where Tom grilled the dogs, we went to a member's house for a pool party. It was a great VBS! Lukas learned a lot about Jesus and how to act in a classroom environment, and I learned another nuance of working with Lukas in new situations.

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