Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where's the hair?

This evening I told Lukas that we would look at pictures to see what the baby in my belly looks like. First we reviewed the ultrasound videos for Lukas and Natalie...Lukas interrupted Natalie's showing with, "Let's see the video of the baby in Mommy's belly!"

Then I showed him a magazine I got from the doctor's office that has color pictures in utero (how do they do that?) of the baby every month from conception to birth. I showed Lukas the picture that represents where our baby is developmentally, and all he could say was, "Where's the hair?" We explained that the hair is the last thing to come, because the baby is working on developing important organs and bones right now. He still kept saying "Where's the hair?" on every month's picture, until finally on the 7th month picture, they showed a baby with hair.

Of course, we told him that our baby will likely not have any hair at birth, like Lukas.

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