Thursday, June 21, 2007


Natalie has graduated to eating "toddler" food from a jar. We also try to give her as much of the food we're eating as possible, if it's soft enough and can be cut into chunks. If it's too hard to cut into soft chunks, we give her the jar food so she has more to work on, chewing, than she would if I just ran our dinner through the food mill (too much like pureed baby food, not enough work for her).

The regular food she has eaten recently: hot dogs, tomatoes, zucchini, guacamole, of course Cheerios and graham crackers. Tonight I made my middle eastern vegetarian dinner: hummus, tabbouleh (both made from scratch), served with pita bread, big slices of tomatoes from our garden, and feta cheese and tahini. I used to get the pita, feta, tahini and parsley from a local middle eastern market for pennies, but I haven't gone in a while because it's out of the way and not easy to navigate with two I haven't made this dinner for more than 18 months (before Natalie was born). But today at Trader Joe's I saw a can of garbanzos and said, "I haven't made hummus in ages!" so I bought all the stuff at TJs and made it, to Tom and Lukas' delight.

And Natalie liked it too! She kept signing "more" for hummus and bread, and she likes the tomatoes (can't handle the peel yet) and feta. Go Natalie!

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