Saturday, July 14, 2007

At the beach

We were planning to take the kids for studio pictures today, but Lukas bonked his head yesterday...nothing huge, but a small bruise on his forehead, so we postponed until next week.

Instead, we went to the beach. It was clear at our house but overcast at the beach, so it was barely warm enough to go in the water (Lukas always insists on jumping in the waves, although today he didn't go in very deep). Instead, he and Tom built sandcastles. This was a new development that Lukas didn't demolish the sandcastles as soon as they were built...he restrained himself until the end and then promptly destroyed everything after asking permission.

Natalie had a great time playing in the sand. She found a few shells and wanted to put them in her mouth...we had to watch her like a hawk. She's responding to our "no, not in the mouth" instruction pretty well, but we do have to keep repeating it. It's so encouraging to see her respond to our directions! We also introduced her to the cold ocean water...she wanted to get in the water, but was surprised at how cold it was.

It was a very nice morning! I remember the first time we took two kids to the beach (with all Natalie's paraphernalia) and how difficult it was. It's gotten a lot easier (we don't take lunch with us), but I know next summer will be more difficult with another baby and carrying Natalie too. But I'm sure we'll figure it out!

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