Friday, July 13, 2007

A few things we did today

Natalie had her 6-month cardiology check-up today and everything is fine, so we can now move to a 12-month check up. Natalie has a bicuspid aortic valve, the most common heart defect (about 1% of the population has it), but she is having normal heart function right now. Her cardiologist says that if there are no problems in the first couple years of life, there probably won't be any problems for a long time. The bicuspid aortic valve could pose problems in her 20s-40s, so she'll have to have check-ups the rest of her life.

Then we went to Babies R Us to look for a new diaper bag. My purse is also the diaper bag for the kids, and what we've been using as a diaper bag was not intended to be a diaper bag and hasn't really been working great (not big enough, of course!) With another baby on the way and the prospect of two kids in diapers for several years, I thought it was prudent to get this figured out, and why not enjoy a better diaper bag right now? I finally picked out one by Wendy Bellissimo that is large and has three pockets and a flap that covers everything. We'll see how it works! Hopefully it will be the last diaper bag I ever buy!

Then we went to Tom's parents and had lunch with Mom while Dad attended a funeral. Natalie was all smiles for Grandma, and Lukas had fun with his new toy from Toys R Us...yes, we stopped there after Babies R Us. We came home and both kids napped! Lukas must be growing again because he's eating a lot and taking naps again this week.

When Tom came home from work, he took Lukas to wash his car, and I took Natalie to the optometrist to get one of her lenses put back in. The optometrist explained that because her prescription is so strong, the poly lenses are too thick for the style of glasses. I can't wait for Tom's insurance to start at his new job, because we will have vision insurance and will hopefully be able to get a second pair of glasses for Natalie that will have thinner lenses.

BTW, Natalie loves her glasses! She does take them off once in a while, I think when she gets bored, but it is very rare. She loves being able to see, and it is obvious she is interacting differently with the world since she can now see things at a distance. She is making more verbal sounds and has crawled a few very wobbly steps, improvements which I think are encouraged by her ability to see better.

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