Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things that don't occur to the mind of a 3-year old

This afternoon during quiet time, Lukas started crying that his eye hurt. Of course, this woke up Natalie, but yes, I am concerned when my son is complaining so vehemently that his eye hurts.

I took him out to the living room (in case there's any chance that Natalie will go back to sleep) and examined his eye. It is not red. The skin around it is not red. It looks like a normal eye. I asked Lukas several times where it hurts, he points to one side of the eye. I pulled his eyelid slightly and looked inside (expecting to see an eyelash or something), and can't see anything.

I ask him what happened to the eye, did he hurt it? He says no, but after holding him and asking him the same question many different ways (I should be a district attorney, right?) he finally admits that he was "tickling" his eye with his blanket. He has a blanket with fringe that he loves to rub across his face and arms, etc., and I knew immediately that he thought that his eye would also appreciate the sensory input.

After explaining that we NEVER put anything in our eyes, I used some of my contact saline solution to wash his eye, which he liked. Unfortunately, when the eye rid itself of the excess saline, it hurt again and he wanted me to put more water in his eye. I told him no, he needs to blink and not touch his eye.

Twenty minutes later, both kids are asleep. YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

How many times did I put things in my eye as a kid? Hopefully not more than once!

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