Thursday, July 12, 2007

Boy Talk

Lukas has always noticed and announced, "there's a firetruck!" "there's a cement mixer!" "there's a trash truck!" when we're out driving.

His latest observations are: "there's a convertible!" and "there's a UW Bug!" I've told him it's a VW Bug, but he always says UW Bug until I correct him. I haven't corrected him lately because I think it's cute. Tom's side of the family should appreciate that he notices Bugs so much, since Tom's dad souped up many Bugs, and Tom and each of his siblings drove Bugs as kids. It must be in the genes, because Lukas started asking me what the name of those cars were...I never pointed them out to him.

Lukas has started to understand that there are different types of convertibles, so he asks what kind of car they are...he's learning about Beemers, Corvettes, Mustangs and more. Yes, we live in Southern California!

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