Wednesday, July 11, 2007

New Play Area

At first I would put Natalie in Lukas' bed after quiet time/nap time to tickle him awake. Then he wanted to play with Natalie in his bed (which involves covering her up with blankets). This was ok since he has a bed rail and he was aware of keeping her from falling out of the opening. But I always needed to stay close by so I could keep track of her.

Then I thought "let's let them play in her crib." Lukas loves that, and so does Natalie, and I am not so worried about her falling out. Every day after quiet time, the first thing he asks is, "Would Natalie like to play with me in her crib?"

Here's what they did today...which is pretty much the extent of their play every time they're in the crib together, with LOTS OF GIGGLING!

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