Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I can't get a title on this post!

Today Lukas, Natalie and I went to the Children's Museum in La Habra with a group of moms and kids from church. Lukas LOVES this museum...he often asks to go to it. A couple months ago when he asked to go to it, I said he should ask Ashley, who puts together the park day schedule. So the first time Ashley comes to church with her new baby, the first thing Lukas says is, "May we go to the Children's Museum?" Today was the day, and he kept looking for Ashley to thank her (too bad she was home with her kids and a sick baby!)

Natalie had fun riding the carousel (see Lukas in front of her), and banging the cymbals in the music room. Lukas' favorite thing is to play the piano with the cover off so you can see the hammers strike. Here he is, looking a little teary-eyed because he just got BACK on the piano bench after crying over having to share the piano with other kids (the kids are too young to read the sign on the piano). I think he also realizes someone else is trying to climb up next to him AGAIN and he may have to get down (since he can't stand sharing a piano with someone).

Lukas and Natalie loved the bubble room. Here Lukas is pulling a contraption that made a huge wall of bubble, which eventually popped when he blew on it.

The highlight of the day was a performance by Street Beat, a drumming company that uses found objects as drums (wheel rims, trash cans, paint buckets, etc). This is what Lukas does all day...drumming on everything he finds! He loved the music the drummer made, and was very disappointed when the drummer didn't pick Lukas to be his helper (he picked older kids). After the performance, I asked if Lukas could use his drumsticks for one minute, and he said yes. Lukas did a good job beating the paint bucket, then readily complied when I told him to give the sticks back and thank the man...you would never have known that he just had a fit because, "I want to make music!"

Yes, I am resigned to the fact that Lukas may become a rock band drummer. I hope he'll play a musical instrument, but he really enjoys percussion...I just have to convince him that a piano is a percussion instrument. It is!

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