Saturday, July 21, 2007

Birthday fun

We had a great time at Kevin's birthday party! His parents, Chris and Sandy, threw him a Bob the Builder party at a park, and it was a very fun time...the kids were happy playing in the playground and with the sand toys and dump trucks, so the parents could relax and talk.

Lukas enjoyed the digger toy in the park, as well as putting him dump truck through its paces on the slide. Natalie played in the sand but also just hung out with Mom and Dad. Tom was surprised to see Gary, a friend he hadn't seen in many years, and had the opportunity to catch up with him.

Lukas and Kevin showed great teamwork for three-year olds when they carried one of the orange cones to stack it up. Natalie has that impish look in her eye because she's holding one of Lukas' dogs, and she knows when he comes back he will take it she can enjoy it for a short time.

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