Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Seeing is believing

Sunday night, Natalie pulled her glasses off her face and tapped them on something, causing a lens to pop out. Monday morning before CHOC, we stopped at the optometrist's office to get it fixed.

The optician put the lens back in, then I asked about adjusting the glasses because they seemed to slide down Natalie's nose. She adjusted the nose pieces, then I asked about softer nose pieces since she might fall on her face.

The optician agreed that they have softer nose pieces (the glasses were put together at a Medi-Cal lab), so she replaced the nose pieces, then had while she was readjusting them on Natalie's face the other lens popped out! So she put that back in, and told me that while she was replacing the nose pieces, she scratched one of the lenses with her screwdriver. She is ordering the lens and will call me when it comes in, to replace it.

Short visit turned into a long visit! But Natalie seems even more comfortable with the glasses.

This morning Natalie's physical therapist saw her with glasses for the first time and commented several times that it seems to be making a difference in her physical activity. Natalie didn't use her head as a fifth appendage while on her hands and knees during the whole session! She also noticed that Natalie is turning her head differently because she doesn't have to hold things up close to her face to see them.

Go Natalie!

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