Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swimming day 2

Another good day at swim lessons. Lukas is now all about pinching his nose and going underwater. There were some goggles in the toy box at the pool, so he put them on and enjoyed looking underwater. He is very comfortable in the water, so now he's screaming with joy, which we are going to nip in the bud (I think he was also screaming outside at bible study).

I can remember not screaming when I was a kid, and wondering why kids did it (I'm sure my parents trained it out of me). When I was in first grade, I got the screaming part in the Thanksgiving play at school (when the Indians first come to see the settlers), which I was very uncomfortable with. I was almost thankful that I got laryngitis so I couldn't participate in the play!

So where did Lukas get the screaming gene? Tom?

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