Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Swimming day 3

It's really hairy for us in the evening to get ready for swim lessons at 5:45. I have to get dinner ready about 30 minutes earlier than normal and start the kids eating before Tom gets home about 5:10, and then we are on the road by 5:30. It is all very rushed, but thankfully we have 3 down, 5 lessons to go.

Today we were walking up to the pool and I realized I'd forgotten Natalie's ear plugs. So Tom and Lukas started the lesson and I took Natalie home to get the ear plugs (she has tubes in her ears). The plugs are sort of a waxy ball that we can shape to the outside of the ear canal and they do a great job of keeping water out (we use them for baths too). Then after the lesson we put ear drops in each ear to make sure any water that might have seeped in doesn't cause an infection.

So far, neither kid has gotten sick. I am prepared for someone to get an ear infection because Tom remembers getting ear infections a lot after swimming as a child.

Lukas spent even more time (several seconds) under water with his nose pinched. I tried to teach him how to take a big breath before going under water, but he doesn't quite get that.

Natalie actually has better form in the water than Lukas, probably because she doesn't resist what we do with her as much as he does. She is happy floating on her belly as we hold her, and she makes swimming motions; and she is happy floating on her back as we hold her. Lukas definitely doesn't want to float on his back. The teacher has us put the child's head on our shoulder as we support them in a lying back position, and he will barely tolerate that, but with Natalie I just hold her on her back, perpendicular in front of me.

The one thing with Natalie is that she doesn't close her mouth, and I'm always suspicious that she's drinking water (on purpose).

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