Monday, August 27, 2007

Busy day

To make up for a relaxing day on Friday, today I burned the candle at both ends. After Natalie's PT finished a session here at home, I bid on the walker for Natalie we wanted on eBay (less than one minute to go...the only way to bid!) and won, raced to a chiropractor appointment (the back is much better!) and then to swallowing therapy at CHOC. Lukas and I ate lunch at CHOC during Natalie's therapy, then she fell asleep in the car on the way home and actually transferred to her bed and slept another 45 minutes. Lukas can't tell time so I told him it was quiet time (30 minutes early) and I got a nap while Natalie slept.

Then when Natalie got up we went to Babies R Us for new sippy cups and valves. We've had a terrible time with them leaking and are going to try handwashing instead of dishwasher washing the valves. Since I was near a Toys R Us, we went there next, where we shopped for a birthday gift for a good friend of Lukas' who is turning three soon. What a mistake! Lukas is great to shop with for a boy, but this friend is a girl, and he doesn't want to give her any girl gifts...he wants to give her a gift that he also wants to play with (since he probably will!) I picked out several nice girl gifts that he vehemently rejected, then we came upon the kitchen/play food aisle and he loves that! So we got her some food-related gifts that Lukas was very happy about. Next year (or next girl birthday) I'll have to do the shopping without telling him who it's for (it could be for Natalie, right?) And come to think of it, clothes is always a good gift and not something he's likely to complain about.

Since we were near a Linens and Things, we stopped there after Toys R Us, and that was almost more fun for Lukas than the toy store...he loves to play with kitchen gadgets and tools. I picked up a few things I'd been wanting to get. He said several times, "I really like Linens and Things!" On the way home, he said, "Mom, I have a new name for a store: Parents R Us." I laughed and asked what is sold at Parents R Us. Lukas said, "Kitchen stuff, I guess."

I didn't have a clue what I was going to make for dinner, so I asked Lukas what I should make for dinner (not really expecting a workable answer). I should have expected an answer! He said, "You should make chicken, and rice, and carrots." Of course, that's his favorite meal! Last stop: grocery store to get chicken and milk. Whew, time to rest!

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