Tuesday, August 28, 2007


You all know that Lukas is enamored with all things musical, I think more than the average kid: often after bible study at Chris' house, his favorite thing is to bang on the play metal pots and pans; when we park at CHOC, he hoots in the parking lot to hear the echo and jumps on the ramp real hard to hear the metal clang and that echo; he has a guitar, piano, several drums, xylophone and train whistle at home (I hesitate to get him a recorder for fear for my own ear drums). He would LOVE to have a recorder or harmonica. When he puts things together (play doh pots, blocks, etc) he is often making some kind of new musical instrument that he then bangs on. A leftover bottle is now a bagpipe. Old paint cans are drums. You get the picture?

A couple weeks ago at our local grocery store we walked by a display (inside the store) of wind chimes. Lukas wanted to clang then, and then wanted to buy several. Tom and I had discussed buying a small set of chimes for our backyard at some point, and there were some in this display that weren't too gaudy, so I bought one. The only problem was that when we got home, it wasn't convenient to put them up (something else going on that evening) and Lukas launched into one of his escalating fits about putting them up right away.

As we tell Lukas several times a day "you never get what you want when you have a fit," so it quickly moved from not putting them up that minute to not putting them up until the next night to taking them back to the store. We put the chimes away with the intent of bringing them back out in a while when he was calm.

Today Tom was home early after a doctor's appointment so I got to run a few errands without the kids and then he and Lukas put up the windchimes in the backyard. Much to Lukas' delight!

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