Monday, August 6, 2007

Endlessly entertaining

Saturday night during the party (held in our backyard), I went inside the house for some reason and heard a faint voice, "Could you please wipe my butt?" pause "Could you please wipe my butt?"

This is what Lukas says when he goes #2, but this time he didn't tell me before he went to the bathroom that he would need assistance. There's no telling how long he was sitting there repeating his mantra. Five minutes? Ten minutes? I don't think it was more than five because someone surely would have mentioned it, with people going in and out. It was just funny to think that it COULD have gone on for many minutes.

Lukas prefers to have privacy now when he does his business, but he doesn't quite get the concept that if he closes the door, he needs to let us know before he needs help! That requires pre-planning that his 3-year-old brain hasn't quite achieved.

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