Monday, August 6, 2007

We LOVE boring days!

With Tom's new job, his new insurance started August 1, so we're waiting for authorization through the new insurance before continuing swallowing therapy...which means no swallowing therapy today! Just PT this morning and then the day is free! We love boring days and look forward to more of them (when we can just stay home).

It's especially nice that we can stay home today to continue recovering from a very fun party we had Saturday night to celebrate Tom's new job (which he loves, BTW). Lots of great conversation with friends and lots of kids running around and playing (thanks to the older kids for being great sports by being targets of the water guns!) Anyway, our kids were up later than normal, the night after they were already up later than normal to watch Herbie on DVD (which Lukas LOVED...he keeps talking about "the other race car driver put whipped cream in Herbie!")

Then last night when they went to bed at a normal time, Lukas kept getting out of bed (very unusual for him) for more than an hour past his bedtime...then he woke us up at 1:30 a.m. this morning (even MORE unusual) wanting a snuggle...then 15 minutes later he got up to go potty. A little while later, a large bug attacked Tom in bed, so sleep was over for me for a while! I got up and read until about 3:30 and was finally able to sleep. More reasons why I'm glad we get to stay home today!

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