Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone for your outpouring of care and concern in comments, emails, phone calls and cards. Knowing you all care so much has truly eased the pain of my mom's passing. The first couple days were especially hard...the next few days have been ok, but I know the rest of the week will be difficult as we fly in for the funeral and spend time with family, without Mom. Thanks for your continued prayers as we fly out tomorrow.

I finally met my OB yesterday! When I arrived for my monthly appointment, they told me he was "delivering", but then he arrived at the office while I was getting my blood pressure checked (120/80)...pretty good considering I had walked quite a bit with the kids before the appointment to run errands at other doctors' (dropping off new insurance info for doctor referrals)...with all the doctors around CHOC/St. Joseph's, it's easier to park once and walk to all the different buildings than to put the kids in the car, drive to another parking lot, get out, etc. The other blood pressure-mounting event is that my new insurance card has the wrong medical group (!) They still saw me yesterday, and I got it changed the same day, but it was just one more thing to do, so I was glad that my blood pressure was in the normal range.

So anyway, the OB is nice. He measured my belly and I'm measuring 23 cm, which is on target for the baby's gestational age (1 cm for every week). He said I'll have more blood work and another glucose test (yuck!) the next visit, in one month.

Then Natalie had therapy at CHOC right afterwards, so we walked to that appointment. She's not been doing well with taking fluids at therapy (basically, refusing to drink), so we're going to try something new when we go in next: feed her a meal, then get her to take liquids. We really need her to practice on thin liquids in order to have confidence that she won't aspirate on them.

Lukas is very excited about flying on a plane, and tomorrow will be a full day. Rose and Gary are driving down and flying out with us, so that will help a lot with the kids in the airport.

See you when we get back!

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