Monday, August 20, 2007

We're back

We got back from Texas Saturday night. Thank you for all your prayers...the service went well, and our time together with family was good. The flights went smoothly...we didn't have seats together on the way back and the flight attendant bribed a man with a window seat to take a middle seat so we could sit three in a row with Natalie on Tom's lap.

Lukas loved flying...I've asked him several times what his favorite part of the trip was, and he keeps saying "the airplane." I didn't think he liked it so much, because he flew most of the way with his window shade closed...go figure!

It was a sad trip for us, but as Tom remarked on Sunday when we were getting ready for church, and as I had also been thinking, we have closure. What does that word mean?!?! We have peace about my mom's death and burial, knowing she is now in a better place. I'm so grateful to Tom that he came with me to experience everything, and also that he helped so much with the kids so I could be in the funeral service when Natalie had to go out for a few minutes, or when I met with my siblings. He is a great husband! I mentioned to a friend today that it was harder when my dad died 14 years ago, but I attributed it to being younger and not having experienced the death of a parent before. My friend Katie said it might also be because I'm married with kids this time...and I completely agree. It does make it so much easier to have Tom by my side during emotionally difficult times.

Now it's back to our crazy therapy schedule, clean the house, wash even more clothes I didn't know were dirty, etc. I've been feeling great, but this morning as I was standing in the shower, my lower back went out. I've been in crazy, bending-over-pain all day, so thankfully I got an appointment with the chiropractor for this afternoon.

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