Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The diagnosis of the chiropractor was that I have a back spasm. With all the back issues I've had (mostly from whiplash, being rear ended more times than I can remember), I've never had a back spasm...and I would take all the other back pain I've ever had over this. The chiropractor did help me, but I'm still sore and he said it may take some time to feel good again. Yikes!

I spoke with the OB nurse this morning because the spasm yesterday coincided with increased movement of the baby and this morning one twinge in my abdomen. She said she's not worried, but if I'm worried, to come in and get checked. She calmed me down a bit, and as I moved around this morning I felt better, but as soon as I lie down, I get stiff again. I decided to go to Bible Study, where someone else could take care of Lukas and Natalie for two hours :) and I could learn and think about something else. The nurse said it's common on third pregnancies and more (probably especially since it's only been two years since my last pregnancy) to have back spasms because the abdominal muscles are weak, and that's what holds the back muscles together. Plus, I sat on a plane most of Saturday.

Thanks for your continued prayers for my complete recovery. This is the most debilitated I've been since having children...and one of my kids can't walk yet.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I'm sure you'll be just fine. I was hospitalized six times and had to be put on bed rest when I was pregnant with Brigit--seven including delivery for emergency surgery.--Lee Ann