Monday, September 10, 2007

Another crazy week...maybe

This week is shaping up to be a very hectic week for us. In addition to our regular busy therapy schedule, I somehow managed to schedule two doctor visits for me and one for Natalie this week! How did that happen? Times are open on my calendar, so I take the appointment, without looking to see if I already have other extra appointments that week. Let's not do that again!

But today started off well when Natalie's PT called to cancel because she is sick. So Natalie got to take a nap when she normally doesn't have the chance, then we went to my monthly OB appointment, before going to Natalie's swallowing therapy across the street. The baby's heart rate is still 150 beats per minute, and my blood pressure is fine, although my weight was more than I wanted it to be (too much snacking at the relatives last week...must stop grazing!) I talked to him about my back spasm a few weeks ago and we're going to try physical therapy since our new insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care (!) My OB said that often the third pregnancy is the hardest, with physical symptoms on the mom's body...does he say that to everyone or just me?

Tomorrow we're going to the therapy clinic for a monthly speech appointment, and Natalie will have PT in-clinic for the first time in about a year (since we're going to be there anyway) so her PT can put her on the treadmill (does it look the same as an adult treadmill, and how does it work with someone who doesn't walk?) I'll stay as long as I can before taking Lukas to a park or something...he definitely can't stay during the speech therapy session.

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