Monday, September 10, 2007

Natalie's First Haircut

I had trimmed Natalie's bangs about a month ago, and that experience was enough to convince me that the first haircut needed to be in the hands of someone more comfortable with a scissors.

Saturday was the day, and I took her to the hair salon while Tom stayed home with Lukas (we were afraid that he might be too much of a distraction) and mowed the lawn. Natalie did great, but she did move her head around a lot, trying to see what the stylist was doing with the snippers. After I took some video and still pictures (the quality of this still is not great because I took it on the card in our video camera), I actually held her head still while the stylist finished. Natalie is used to having her head held for doctor visits and things at home, so she wasn't bothered by that and the stylist got to snip at a still target instead of a moving target.

The haircut turned out good. The bangs are a little heavy in the straight cut department, but I think that's emphasized by her glasses. Now that her hair has a good trim, we can let it grow out a was so scraggly with different lengths from the bald spot she had for the first few months.

Our trick for both kids' first haircuts (and a few successive ones) is to take the portable highchair we have, to strap them in at the salon. Otherwise we would be worrying about them falling out of the chair instead of trying to take cute shots of them. The other trick we learned from Tom's barber, who cuts Lukas' hair, is to let the kid's hands out from under the drape and let them hold something.

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