Thursday, September 6, 2007

Being impractical

Yes, I'm being impractical, and I've convinced my husband to be impractical, too.

You probably know that we are a very practical couple...hey, our German heritage says we must be! But even with the practicality of modern technology, we've decided (for now) to be surprised about the gender of our third child. We did find out for the first two children (what could be more practical?) but since we have girls and boys stuff already, why not be surprised for the third?

The biggest problem is now coming up with a decor/theme for the kids' room. Natalie and Lukas currently share the nursery (safari theme...goes well with boys or girls). But we're planning for them to move to the larger bedroom and share it for a couple years, while the new baby moves into the nursery. Then when the new baby is two, he or she will share the bigger bedroom with either Lukas or Natalie--whichever is the same gender.

What could be more practical, right?

Except now that we're trying to figure out how to decorate the bigger room, we keep saying, "well, if it's a girl, then..." and "but if it's a boy, then..." Being imminently practical, we don't want to have to repaint the room in two years!

But that just might be what we end up doing...and repainting the nursery, while we're at it!

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