Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A completely different day

Tom caught the cold I had in Ventura, so he stayed home from work and slept a lot. Natalie sounded stuffed up too, and sneezed a lot during her in-home PT, so we didn't go to CHOC today. But I did confirm with Natalie's swallowing therapist that her swallow study will be September 24. Sarah also wants to give her two weeks of practice on non-thickened liquids before the swallow study to see how she does and to give her the best opportunity to PASS THE SWALLOW STUDY WITH FLYING COLORS! We're praying that the swallow study shows that she is not aspirating at all and appreciate your joining with us.

Instead of therapy, while Tom entertained Natalie (not exactly the restful sick day he had hoped for), I took Lukas to the car wash, got some different shoes to try for Natalie, and made a Costco trip. Then this afternoon after naps I took Natalie with me to Wal-Mart, Michaels and the grocery store while Lukas played in the wading pool and hopefully Tom didn't have to exert himself as much.

BTW, the push toy I bought on eBay for Natalie finally arrived yesterday, so she used it during therapy this morning and we got to play with it a little this afternoon. I think I mentioned that it's the same one that Lukas used before he learned to walk, so he loves to use it too. It has an irritating clicking sound (I thought I'd never have to listen to it again when I gave it back to the original owner after Lukas was done with it), but it's what I have to endure so my daughter will learn to walk. :)

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