Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Two down and one to go...

Two of the extra doctor's appointments for the week are down, and one to go tomorrow. Natalie had OT at home, then swallowing therapy at CHOC (I forgot to bring her new sippy cup, so it was a might have also been a disaster because she was tired). After we went back to the treatment room, the receptionist sent Natalie's therapist, Sarah, a page to tell me I had a hole in my pants! What a relief that someone told me...who knows how long I would have walked around like that...and also what a bummer, because this is the second time this has happened with these pants in the same spot: I threw away the first pair and bought another just like it (one size larger) and here it's happened again. I am not THAT big! Sarah loaned me some tape and I taped the hole from the inside.

Then Natalie saw the pulmunologist for a 6-month check up. She is still getting over the cold she had last week, so I almost canceled the appointment, but I'm glad I didn't because she had 100% O2 sats! This is the first time she's ever been at 100%, and the fact that she did it with a snotty nose is amazing. I think at the last office visit she had 96 or 97, and when she was in the hospital with pneumonia, she was discharged with O2 because she couldn't stay above 92 on her own. Today she weighed 23 pounds, 8 ounces and was 23 inches long. They were impressed with her weight gain, which has been largely through eating by mouth. They see a lot of kids with serious respiratory issues, so the fact that Natalie is improving is wonderful news.

Lukas did very well at the visits today. He even received a compliment from the pulmunology nurse on his behavior. It helps that they have videos in each room so we can watch something while we wait an hour to be seen. Lukas still has his fettish with using the sinks to "watch the water go down the drain," but he's getting better at listening to me, especially if there is something else to distract him.

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