Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekend update

Since we didn't paint this weekend, it was much less crazy while my brother Joel was here and we actually did some fun stuff.

Saturday morning we went to the Cal-State Fullerton Arboretum to look for drought-tolerant plants to go in the one section of our yard that is xeriscaped. We recently had a pine tree removed that was growing too tall, too fast, for the location, but we want to put in another plant ASAP because it's a screen from the street. We got some good ideas, walking around the arboretum, and also bought four other plants for our xeriscape area, but they won't be tall enough as a screen. We love going to the arboretum, especially to buy plants that we can't find anywhere else. They're having a native plant sale in October, but hopefully we can decide and find what we want before then.

Saturday afternoon we went to the beach (Joel lives 600 miles from the ocean). The kids had a blast as usual: Natalie playing in the sand and Lukas playing in the waves and building a sandcastle. We saw several parasurfers making the most of the windy day. A fog came in quickly, which we thought would ruin our visit, but it left within 10 minutes and we had sun again. Lukas had fun saying "Uncle Joel" a lot...he loves captive audiences.

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