Friday, September 14, 2007

Change of plans

Today we were supposed to be painting the room that will become Lukas and Natalie's bedroom (the baby will get their old room, the nursery). I had it all planned out: the bedding we ordered for Lukas' bed would arrive yesterday (Thursday), we would pick out the colors for the room based on that bedding, then paint the ceiling on Friday and the walls on Saturday. Even with two kids, it should be do-able, and my brother Joel is coming to spend a few days before going to a business meeting on Monday, so he could keep the kids out of our hair, or even help! What could be easier?

Then Thursday afternoon I checked the UPS tracking number for the bedding, and found that, even though it was in a local OC city on Wednesday, Thursday morning it showed up in Phoenix. I called UPS and they apologized and said it was misrouted and would be delivered on Friday.

Ok, we could probably still get the ceiling painted on Saturday, and the get the walls painted over a few evenings during the next week, right?

This morning I checked the tracking number and found that even though UPS knew the package was in Phoenix yesterday morning, they waited until this morning to send it back to California. No package today. No painting this weekend, when Tom has Friday off and we had blocked out this weekend more than a month ago. Many future Fridays off are already booked with other activities.

So instead...we cleaned old crackers from under carseats, switched kids up to bigger carseats in anticipation of the new baby, boxed up the books in the extra bedroom, and did A LOT of other stuff around the house that needs to be done. It's not like we could sit around and twiddle our thumbs! There is NEVER nothing to do when two whole days become available.

And when Joel arrives, we might even be able to do something fun with him tomorrow!

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