Monday, October 8, 2007

Natalie's X Games

Today I finally got tired of Natalie always taking the magnetic letters off the fridge and taught her how to put them back ON the fridge. Sometimes I think she's not ready to learn something, but lately she's surprised me at how quickly she picks up new skills. Once she figured out how to put the letters on the fridge, then she wanted to put them in the toy that makes the little song.

Thankfully Lukas left her alone while she was practicing her new skill...often he butts in and wants to play with whatever toy she's playing with, when he wasn't interested in it five seconds ago.

We were supposed to go to the therapy clinic this morning for speech followed by physical therapy, but one of her therapists was sick, so we didn't go because it would have been a short session and I had an OB appointment today so I welcomed the cancellation. Too bad, because she was especially chatty this morning: lots of "ba ba baba" in long sentences with inflection. This sounds SO much better than the usually groaning/whining sound she makes!

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