Monday, October 8, 2007

Textbook pregnancy

Today at the OB appointment (Chris watched Lukas so I just had Natalie with me) the baby's heart rate had slowed to 140, my belly measures "textbook" according to the doctor, my blood pressure is fine and my weight gain is fine (this month!) He gave me a prescription for a cream for my itchy hands, so that should clear up the allergic reaction I had...ironically, he said don't take benadryl (he should tell his nurse!) I asked him if it was normal for the baby's heart rate to slow, and he said yes, as the baby ages, the heart rate goes down because it gets more efficient.

Now we go to check ups every two weeks instead of every four weeks. Ten weeks to go, or less! Yes, I'm going to get that baby pool online pretty soon. Thanks to those who have suggested different sites...I need to decide which one to use. Look for it this week!

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