Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pushing the envelope

Today after park day with Chris, Kate, Sandy and their kids, instead of going home for naps I decided to go to A Child's View to order new glasses for Natalie. With one of the temples of her current glasses breaking a couple weeks ago, it was stressful to get them repaired quickly, so I wanted to have a backup. Her vision has gotten slightly worse, so the new pair will be her regular glasses and her current pair will be her backup.

Natalie had a short nap on the way, Lukas and I waited in the car at the optometrist until she woke up, then went inside and found the perfect pair. The new glasses are even more bendable than the ones she has, and should stand up better to the way she pulls her glasses off her face. I'm also excited to have experts in child optometry fit the glasses to her face...once again she got a better fit today on her current glasses that we didn't get through them...that's service!

It was about 2 p.m. by the time we got home, but Natalie was still tired and napped again for an hour, which gave me a chance to have the first nap I've had in several weeks...oh, yeah, I did nap yesterday, didn't I? But that was a benadryl-induced nap, so it doesn't really count.

It was too much to fit into one day, but I couldn't see us getting to the optometrist any mornings next week, and I've heard that afternoons are bad there after school gets out, so this was probably still our best option. Look back in two weeks for pictures of Natalie in her NEW glasses.

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