Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dry boy!

This morning, Lukas announced that he had stayed dry overnight (is this the third time?) We reward him with a a chocolate piece when he's dry, but we haven't been pushing the overnight dryness, otherwise. Unfortunately, we were out of chocolate pieces (who ate them?), and I forgot to pick some up at Walgreens, so here's Lukas enjoying chocolate pudding for his treat.

A few hours later, Natalie enjoyed the last chocolate pudding during her therapy (we were out of the usual yogurt she has to practice scooping with a spoon). Unfortunately, I was too much in a benadryl fog by that time, so no pic of Natalie. Christina, her therapist, said the chocolate pudding was very "motivating" for Natalie, because she would go after a scoop from the bowl again, if she didn't get a good scoop the first time.

It looks like more junk food for therapy... Yes, I usually deprive my children of fake chocolate pudding and sweet treats, but my priorities have changed, having a special needs child, so there is some junk food in our house.

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