Tuesday, October 2, 2007

This is how they go...

People sometimes think I get off pretty easily being pregnant, since I don't have morning sickness (well, I finally had a little afternoon sickness with this pregnancy, but not really much to speak of). But that doesn't mean my pregnancies are symptom-free!

This is how my pregnancies go: I'm fine during the first two trimesters, maybe a little more tired than normal in the first trimester, then I wake up at night and can't go back to sleep, then I have back problems, then I have skin problems.

Yes, I'm at the skin problem stage. With Lukas, it was a splinter in my thumb that turned into a hemangioma that one dermatologist tried to freeze (like a wart) several times, but wasn't cured until another dermatologist burned it off (nothing like smelling your own skin burning).

With Natalie, I developed sensitivity/allergy to certain soaps. I hadn't been consistent on a certain kind of handsoap in our house, but after I kept breaking out with itchy, raised bumps on my hands, I switched to the brand that we've used for two years now, with no problems.

But over the weekend I used the handsoap at my sister's house, and it's the brand that caused me problems during the last pregnancy. When I started madly scratching bumps on my hands, I realized it must be the soap.

I called my OB to ask about putting cortisone on it and they preferred I use Benadryl and to let them know if it doesn't clear up right away, because it could be another rash that's dangerous in pregnancy. Instead of going out and buying adult Benadryl, I took the adult dosage of the Children's Benadryl I already had...and it's making me tired. Not sleepy, just tired and lethargic. I may need to check if there is a Benadryl that doesn't cause lethargy...I've never taken Benadryl for myself, so I don't know. So far, it reduces itchiness while I'm on it, but when it wears off, my hands are itchy again. I think I'm going to put a little cortisone on the rash.

Just so I don't get a hemangioma again! That was really a pain!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you've NEVER taken Benadryl before. It makes you extremely groggy. Nothing works as well as benadryl, but you have to suffer the side effect.--LA

Cindy said...

Hey, I have no allergies! Only in pregnancy...