Wednesday, May 28, 2008


PLEASE comment on this post...

I need your vote to help me decide what to make for our church's bake-off this weekend (we're having a know, tri-tip and square dancing!) I have been wracking my brain to try to figure out what to make, and then I realized that you could help me decide.

I'll start by saying that it can be any baked dessert, but it can't have any kind of nut in it. That's the only restriction.

Here are my ideas so far:
  • peach cobbler (or a combination of two fruits in a cobbler...I have a great recipe for cobbler, but I'd have to exclude the nuts)
  • a chocolate cake that has (seriously) 10,000 calories in it (I almost killed my father-in-law when I made it for his birthday a couple years ago)
  • cupcakes (because Heather's look so pretty and who else would bring cupcakes?)
  • strawberry shortcake (because strawberries are starting to come into season)
  • apple pie (because that's as American as it comes)
  • What's your better idea?
Please leave a comment with your vote...I need your help deciding! Thanks!


Heather said...

I vote for CUPCAKES! You're right - who would bring cupcakes??? Thanks for the link to my blog and for the compliment! The recipe that I posted (Magnolia's) is great - they'd love them!

Will it be outside or inside? If outside you'll want to use something other than buttercream icing as it doesn't hold up well in the heat. What about covering them in chocolate ganache? MMmmmmmmmm ... that sounds great! And I think it would work well for a bake sale :)

You know I'd buy them!

Have fun and let us know what you decide to make :)


Chris said...

How about chocolate cupcakes? That's like voting for two choices!


Myssie said...

I like the strawberry shortcake idea! Everything sounds yummy!! I don't think that you could really go wrong!

Cindy said...

Heather, thanks for the ganache idea. This is a bake off (a contest, and then all the attendees of the Hoedown eat the entries) so it would be fun to win the contest. Maybe we should have a bake sale next year!

Chris, chocolate cupcakes...nice!

Myssie, strawberries are great too!

I should have inserted the disclaimer that I might pick the one that seems easiest to me, in the interest of time and because of procrastination. Oh yeah, because of the care of three kids, too.

k2 said...


No doubt about it. But I'd avoid both buttercream frosting and a true ganache. Neither will hold up terribly well under any kind of heat. However, a nice chocolate glaze or even a chocolate ganache glaze (Joy of Cooking, 75th Anniversary Edition, p. 796) should work really well. If you were feeling really, really extra ambitious you could dip the cupcakes in the regular chocolate glaze and then let the kids put royal icing polka dots on the cupcakes after the glaze hardens...

Wow, this is making me hungry. :-)

Heather said...

These are good ideas. Yummmmmmm!