Tuesday, May 27, 2008

His second bedroom?

Lukas has done great in the past week since he started going to bed without Pull-ups. Since he made the switch, he's actually gotten up to go potty during the night on three occasions, and to my knowledge he had never done that before.

The most recent time was early this morning. I heard Lukas go to the bathroom, and through my semi-conscious haze, it seemed like he didn't go back to bed. After a while (no telling how long) I got up to turn off the light he'd left on in the bathroom and found him fast asleep on the bath mat, with the light on.

Sure enough, he'd used the toilet and promptly fallen asleep on the floor.

Just like the other two times, he had no memory in the morning of getting up to use the toilet. But I'm so pleased that he is getting up to go when he needs to, and staying dry until the morning. I never would have guessed this transition would happen so easily.

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