Monday, May 26, 2008

The second half of our Memorial Day

I'm so glad Tom got to take Lukas and Natalie to a cemetery this gave Tom a chance to explain the meaning of Memorial Day to them, and it gave me a chance to get ready to have friends over this afternoon. With Konrad napping a good part of the morning, I had some very rare time without direct kid efficient I can be when that happens!

It was great to have Tim and Kim, and Dan and Katie over for dinner. We really wish we could get together more frequently, but we're glad for the times we do get together. I surprised Tom with an early birthday cake since there were friends over (that's the secret to a it when they wouldn't expect it...six months in advance, they won't expect it...just kidding, his birthday is about 10 days away!)

And this time, I remembered to take a picture of the kids BEFORE most of the play had started, before dinner, before Konrad got tired and went to bed, before I am really into the hosting of a party. If I take the picture BEFORE, I get a picture. If I wait to take a picture AFTER, no picture (see, this was the only time I took a time after!...wait, Tom did get a picture of the kids playing Candyland on Lukas' bed after dessert). That's Chandler and Cameron on the left, Carly on the right and CoCo on the floor (I think I was dressing Natalie for bed, and Konrad had zonked out quite a while before this.)

Whew! I'm tired. (didn't I just say that on Saturday?) Thankfully Natalie doesn't have therapy first thing in the morning so the kids can sleep in.

I hope you had a great Memorial Day too!

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