Monday, May 19, 2008

Moving up in the world

Today we moved Konrad to the highchair, Natalie to a booster seat at the table, and Lukas to the other side of the table with Tom so I can help Natalie with her food (since Tom isn't home for quite every meal). Everyone loves the new arrangement: Konrad loves the toys he can play with while we're eating, Natalie loves the big girl seat she sits in, Lukas loves sitting next to Daddy, and Tom and I love that Konrad isn't on the floor in a bouncy seat for meals.

As Natalie learns to eat without a tray, we're learning where she's going to drop food. So far, she hasn't thrown her cup on the floor, which is an improvement. But she does want to grab my utensils, so we're learning to keep things out of her reach at the table.

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