Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trading places

Konrad loves the swing...when Natalie's in the swing, he is always look up with longing at it (some of my swing pictures turn out a little grainy compared to other pictures because I have to use the "sports" mode on our camera, otherwise they are blurry with the movement of the swing).

Yesterday while Tom and Lukas went to Lowes to order a shed, Natalie and Konrad were out front playing. Natalie went first in the swing, but is happy to give Konrad a turn (I don't know how it will go when I suggest Konrad go FIRST...we shall see).

While Konrad was swinging, Natalie practiced talking on the phone. She does really well with phones, except when there's someone on the other end...then she doesn't really want to use the phone. Go figure!

BTW, Tom and Lukas did not purchase a tractor, just in case you were worried.

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Heather said...

I love these pictures ... so cute :)