Friday, June 20, 2008

A date for the Baby Book

Grab a Kleenex.

Ok, you have a Kleenex? No? Well you can't read any further until you have one.

Now you have one?


Natalie is walking.


BusyBee said...

Yeah!! Go Natalie, we are sooo happy! We want to see a video of you walking!

Hechung said...

Go go go go Natalie!! We are so proud of you!!

k2 said...


You go Natalie!! Your Oregon cousins are getting ready to chase you around your yard.


Michelle said...

Wow, what an awesome celebration! I'll never forget the day Austin started walking. Four days before his 3rd birthday. What an amazing accomplishment!

Jenbuster said...

How AWESOME! Go Natalie! (long time lurker :0))