Friday, June 20, 2008

Dog and cat

Today Natalie's OT, Christina, said that Natalie said "dog" and "cat" in response to Christina's question about the animals on Natalie's wooden puzzle.

She has been saying a wider variety of words since her ear tubes were re-inserted on Monday, but she only says them once, and babbles the rest of the day. She is also very interested in using and learning signs.

I think the lack of pacy is also giving Natalie more incentive to speak. Oh, you haven't heard? There's only one person at The Happy Ones who is using a pacifier now, and it's a boy! Natalie decided that if we were only going to give her a 6-month pacifier (instead of her favorite newborn size), she wasn't going to use any. Fine with us! It only took about a week of cold turkey pacifier rejection for her to settle down quietly (not crying, but her typical monotone singing) for naps and bedtime.

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