Friday, June 20, 2008

New Frames

I've often commented that if the manufacturer of Natalie's purple glasses frames ever needed a spokesperson, Natalie would be the one. She has bent those frames with her hands at least 20 times and the optometrists have always been able to bend them back.

You might have noticed that pictures of Natalie for the past week have been with her first pair of glasses (her spare gold pair). Well, last week the purple titanium frames finally succumbed to the strength of Natalie. I thought we might have to get all new frames, but the optometrist said it would just be one "arm" of the frame, and that would only be a $15 service charge. Wow! That's a great deal!

Today the optometrist called me and said the parts of the purple frames are on 4-week backorder, but they'd switch her whole frame to pink for the same price. Sure! That's getting a whole new frame for $15 and hey, let's be stylish and switch things around once in a while! I think the frames were $120 the first time.

Now Natalie will have fresh new frames to bend. :) Actually, we're starting to take them off more when she rides in the car, because that's usually when she takes them off and bends them...when she gets bored in the car.

So check back soon for pictures in her new PINK frames.

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